Camp Management Consulting

“You just saved me a bunch of money and made my budgeting that much easier! You truly are a wealth of knowledge!”  Brian Murray,

“We owe you big time! You saved the day.” Yoni Stadlin, Director, Eden Village Camp

“Your knowledge of the camping industry, as well as how easy you were to interact with, made the experience both helpful and pleasant.  There is no doubt that you have saved us a lot of money.”  Richie Gersten, Executive Director, Brant Lake Camp

Would you like to improve the profitability and quality of your camp operation?

Interested in learning low cost ways to beautify your camp property?

Want to “go green” but don’t have the “green” available?

We offer expert advice on running a better camp business. Let us give you a free review of your annual expenditures to see if we can save you money!

The Camp Professionals’ consulting services include:

  • Operational Assistance
  • Budget Preparation and Tracking
  • Purchasing Advice
  • Operational and Management Consulting for Underachieving Camps

We also offer referrals for the following services:

  • Septic and Environmental Solutions
  • Legal and Regulatory Consulting

Email us at   to learn how we can help you run a better summer camp business.